To ARMOA LASPINA SOSA & ASSOCIATES, punctuality and professionalism are essential features in the services provided, to ensure customer satisfaction.

- Adaptation to customer: Setting the service to client characteristics, time and money. Therefore, the signature is adapted to the client's needs, providing flexibility based on the needs thereof.

- Permanent contact with the customer: A personalized service that allows us to get as much information, needs and tastes.

That is why ARMOA LASPINA SOSA & ASSOCIATES is committed to the client so that the commitment is to maintain:

The personalized services have managed to win over customers and allow us, over time build long-term relationships. To provide a service tailored to the customer means more time and dedication, and constant contact to meet your requirements and know what they expect of the service offered.

ARMOA LASPINA SOSA & ASSOCIATES is committed to providing quality services and provide them with the manner and at the time that the client requires. This is the reason why the firm has taken personal service as the standard of management.

The management of the firm is based on practical solutions and effective to achieve the results expected by customers efficiently.

Currently after several years of practice in the area of ​​Industrial Property, the firm has expanded with the association of lawyers with experience in various areas: currently including several branches of law such as Civil Law, Corporate Law and Customs Law.

ARMOA LASPINA SOSA & ASSOCIATES started its activities in January 2002, having as main purpose the comprehensive advice, both legal and technical, in all matters relating to Industrial Property, nationally and internationally.